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Jun 2020

Alabama Part 1 or Herpes Bombs and He Who Smelt It Probably Haunts the Steel Mill

We have another great episode for you this week. Eden tells the story of a down and out college professor you definitely don’t want to meet at the local IHOP and Nicole tells the tale of a haunted steel mill where your boss is still a dick even after he dies. These are the stories of The Faculty Meeting Murders and Sloss Furnaces. 

Jun 2020

Florida Part 2 or A Death-Defying Love and The Doll That Voodoo Built

Crack open a cold one (just like the subject of Nicole’s story) and listen to the tale of a man who can’t resist an alluring stranger...even after her death. Later, Eden discusses a doll with a warm smile and a charming personality...actually that’s a lie. He’s from your worst nightmares, but aren’t all dolls? These are the stories of Carl Tanzler and Robert the Doll. 

Jun 2020

Florida Part 1 or Smotheration and A Very Supernatural Episode

In this week’s installment, Eden talks about the worst babysitter ever and Nicole tells us why you might have trouble finding a seat on your next Eastern Airlines flight. These are the stories of Christine Falling and Eastern Airlines Flight 401.

Jun 2020

Refuel 3: Haunted Paintings

We take a break from our usual tales to discuss some seriously creepy works of of art.  You can find the pictures on our social media. This paintings are truly to die for.