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May 2021

Oklahoma Part 2 or Sunday School Sex Maniac and Becky With The Good Hair

Just a word of warning. There is some dead air at the end of this episode for about six minutes after the outro music. We unfortunately found this too late so we couldn’t edit it out. Other than that we have a great show for you this week. First, Nicole tells us about a Sunday school teacher who didn’t know how to leave room for Jesus. Later, Eden tells us about a haunted in with the creepiest turndown service ever. Featuring Special musical guest Celine Dion. These are the stories of Rob Andrews and The Stone Lion Inn Bed and Breakfast!

Apr 2021

Oklahoma Part 1 or Her Lady Business Is None of Yours and Ghost Lights in My Beaver

Our first story in today’s episode deals with a lady doctor who may have loved his job too much. Later, Nicole tells the story that’s all about your beaver! These are the stories of Susan Hamilton and Beaver Dunes Park!

Apr 2021

Refuel: Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

In this refuel we discuss celebrity conspiracy theories from the possible to the batshit insane. 

Mar 2021

Texas Part 2 or Comfortable and Corpsey and Bye, Felicians!

This week Nicole discussed getting pinned down while getting it from both ends. It’s not porn, it’s her story! Also, Eden tells us a story for which you’ll need to borrow Lisa Nowak’s diapers! These are the stories of the Santa Claus Bank Robbery and Yorktown Memorial Hospital.

Mar 2021

Texas Part 1 or The Diaper Queen of Texas and The Ghost of Britney Spears

This week Eden tells us about a road trip where bathroom breaks were just not allowed and Nicole tells us about a building with 5 distinct spirits, but we all know which one’s the real diva. These are the stories of Lisa Nowak and Hendley Row!

Feb 2021

Louisiana Part 2 or Finding Narnia and Voodoo Ghosts

This week Nicole tells us how it’s legal to murder someone if they let you tie them up first and Eden tells us about a house that has both a living room and a dying room. These are the stories of Ronald Dominique and Magnolia Plantation.

Feb 2021

Louisiana Part 1 or That Hoodoo You Don’t Do So Well and French Quarter Ghost Pervs

This week Eden tells us about an axe wielding hoodoo murderess cult leader (yes, you read that right) and Nicole tells us about some spirits who love their spirits...and a little groping. These are the tales of Clementine Barnabet and Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar and Muriel’s Jackson Square.

Jan 2021

Arkansas Part 2 or Pope Curses and More Ghostly Tuckings

This week, Nicole tells us about how Alamo is the most Italian name ever and Eden talks about a hotel where people just can’t stop falling to their deaths. These are to stories of Tony Alamo and The Crescent Hotel!

Jan 2021

Arkansas Part 1 or Chugga-Chugga Murder and A Lot of Hoo-Hoo

This week we have an episode with more trains than Atlas Shrugged! Eden tells the tale of two boys on a railroad track and the worst medical examiner ever. Later, Nicole tells us about a mysterious light that loves trains more than a two-year-old loves tantrums! These are the stories of Don Henry and Kevin Ives and The Gurdon Light!

Dec 2020

Missouri Part 2 or Dial M For Molar and The World’s Worst Landlady

Due to COVID-19, we’ve been recording through distance for the last few episodes and we apologize for any weirdness in the audio lately. Anyway, this week Nicole tells the story of a dentist who is gentle on your teeth but lethal everywhere else. Later, Eden tells the tale of a haunted house that doesn’t know how to use its inside voice. These are the stories of Glennon Engleman and The Union Screaming House. 

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