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Feb 2021

Louisiana Part 2 or Finding Narnia and Voodoo Ghosts

This week Nicole tells us how it’s legal to murder someone if they let you tie them up first and Eden tells us about a house that has both a living room and a dying room. These are the stories of Ronald Dominique and Magnolia Plantation.

Feb 2021

Louisiana Part 1 or That Hoodoo You Don’t Do So Well and French Quarter Ghost Pervs

This week Eden tells us about an axe wielding hoodoo murderess cult leader (yes, you read that right) and Nicole tells us about some spirits who love their spirits...and a little groping. These are the tales of Clementine Barnabet and Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar and Muriel’s Jackson Square.

Jan 2021

Arkansas Part 2 or Pope Curses and More Ghostly Tuckings

This week, Nicole tells us about how Alamo is the most Italian name ever and Eden talks about a hotel where people just can’t stop falling to their deaths. These are to stories of Tony Alamo and The Crescent Hotel!

Jan 2021

Arkansas Part 1 or Chugga-Chugga Murder and A Lot of Hoo-Hoo

This week we have an episode with more trains than Atlas Shrugged! Eden tells the tale of two boys on a railroad track and the worst medical examiner ever. Later, Nicole tells us about a mysterious light that loves trains more than a two-year-old loves tantrums! These are the stories of Don Henry and Kevin Ives and The Gurdon Light!

Dec 2020

Missouri Part 2 or Dial M For Molar and The World’s Worst Landlady

Due to COVID-19, we’ve been recording through distance for the last few episodes and we apologize for any weirdness in the audio lately. Anyway, this week Nicole tells the story of a dentist who is gentle on your teeth but lethal everywhere else. Later, Eden tells the tale of a haunted house that doesn’t know how to use its inside voice. These are the stories of Glennon Engleman and The Union Screaming House. 

Dec 2020

A Very RHS Christmas

It’s that time of year where you just want to get together with friends and family, sit around a fire, and...commit murder? Eden and Nicole have prepared some stories to get you into the holiday spirit so sit back, relax, and creep on creepin’ on this holiday season!

Dec 2020

Missouri Part 1 or Extreme Makeover: Murder Dungeon Edition and Ghostly Tuckings

This week Eden tells us about the importance of a clean workspace when committing murder and Nicole tells us about a college which may have more ghosts than students! These are the stories of The St. Louis Strangler and Stephens College.

Nov 2020

Illinois Part 2 or I Dream of Poison and Higher Spooking

This week, Nicole tells us about one of Bluebeard’s wives who decided to carry on his legacy and Eden tells us why we should always bring three pieces of candy to the theater. These are the stories of Tillie Klimek and Millikin University. 

Nov 2020

Illinois Part 1 or Big and Boozy and Ghosted by a Ghost

This week, Eden tells a story that will completely disturb you...oh, and there may be a murder in there too.  Later, Nicole talks about a girl who will always get into your car yet she never wants to put out. These are the stories of Adolph Luetgert and Resurrection Mary!

Oct 2020

Iowa Part 2 or A Real-Life Slasher Movie and Stop Dragon My Heart Around

In this week’s episode, Nicole tells us about why Dora should have never gone exploring and Eden tells the story of a monster sighting that actually turned out not to just be him! These are the stories of Gayno Smith and The Van Meter Monster!

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