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Feb 2020

Maine Part 2 or That Sinking Feeling…On a Raft and A Metric Shit-Ton of Inns

In this week’s episode, Nicole tells the tale of a globetrotting bank robber who can’t keep it in his pants and Eden takes you on a tour of Maine’s haunted inns. So, get on that raft (but weigh the money first) and prepare to (probably) be choked to death in your sleep! These are the stories of The Mars Hill Bank Robber and Haunted Inns.

Feb 2020

Maine Part 1 or That’s a Pretty Strong Smell and Cannibal Kings

In this week’s episode, Eden and Nicole learn the smell of a corpse won’t necessarily put you off your meal and playing the same song on repeat may result in an axe to the head. These are the stories of Pearl Smith and haunted lighthouses.

Feb 2020

New Hampshire Part 2 or Heeerrrree’s Wagner and Nappy Anniversary

In this week’s episode we learn just how far one man is willing to go for $15 and we also learn how far one woman is willing to go for the man she loves (hint: the grave. It’s the grave.) These are the stories of The Smuttynose Murders and The Notchland Inn.

Jan 2020

New Hampshire Part 1 or How Many Names Do You Need and The First Time with Butt Stuff

We have some great stories for you this week!  Our first story will start you off feeling confused and leave you feeling...confused, all while sounding like a paternity test episode of Maury.  Our second tale will talk about the first time Barney and Betty met The Great Gazoo! These are the stories of The Chameleon Killer and The Alien Abduction of Barney and Betty Hill.

Jan 2020

Vermont Part 2 or Not the Milking Pail! and Children Laughing = Big Nope

In this week’s episode Nicole and Eden discuss the finer points of how to hogtie oneself and just how many possible cultists there are in Bennington. These are the stories of Orville Gibson (not the guitar guy) and Southern Vermont College.

Jan 2020

Vermont Part 1 or A Very Explosive Story and The Vermonster

For this week’s episode, we talk about how selling CB radios can be dangerous work and that one time Eden went swimming in Lake Champlain. These are the stories of Chris Marquis and Champ. 

Jan 2020

Massachusetts Part 2 or So Many Fiancés and Dying at Sea: A Beloved Salem Pastime

In this episode we learn that some people need to wear helmets 100% of the time and that Wonder Woman was responsible for driving the Nazis out of Salem!  These are the stories of Reverend Clarence Richeson and The House of the Seven Gables.

Jan 2020

Massachusetts Part 1 or How Harvard Failed and A Boring Tunnel

Hello again, everyone!  This week we're taking you to the state everyone hates to spell: Massachusetts!  Seriously, why is it so difficult?  Anyway, our true crime story for this week involves a murder/suicide at Harvard.  I literally can't think of a way to make that funny, so that's all you're getting this time around.  We'll also take a spooky trip through a tunnel filled with moist shafts!  Remember, if your shaft burns, seek medical attention.  These are the stories of Sinedu Tadesse and Trang Ho, and The Bloody Pit AKA The Hoosac Tunnel.

Dec 2019

Rhode Island Part 2 or Goodbye, Three Houses and It’s the 1920s Somewhere

Our first stop this week is in Warwick where we learn that road rage is always a bad idea, as is jumping bail when your family put up three houses.  Providence is our second stop where ghostly happenings abound in a hotel where you can in dinner and an org, but make sure to save room for dessert because there's ritualistic slaughter a-plenty waiting in the basement.  These are the stories of Adam Emery and The Biltmore Hotel.

Dec 2019

Rhode Island Part 1 or Injuries Related to Death and A Whole Lotta Williams

Join us on the road this week where we tackle several cold cases in what could be the work of a serial killer.  We also take a trip to the land of 1000 (well, 5) Williams!

These are the stories of Roseanne Robinson, Diane Drake, Hillary Hellewell, Kathy Perry, and The Governor William Sprague Mansion.