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Oct 2019

Maryland Part 1 or This Barbecue Tastes Funny and That’s Not Apple Juice

Thank for joining us on our first two stops in Maryland.  First, we learn the importance of reading the ingredients in the food you eat, especially when said food is being sold by a murderer, and we also learn that all who live in huts are not witches.  In other words, these are the stories of Joe Metheny and Moll Dyer.

Oct 2019

Delaware Part 2 or Don’t Eat Those Chocolates and My Zero Star Yelp Review

In this week's episode we discuss how life is sometimes like a box of chocolates in the worst way and how a feast of rats isn't just for Survivor contestants anymore (Richard Hatch, if you're listening, please put your clothes back on.)  These are the Chocolate Candy Murders and Pea Patch Island.

Oct 2019

Delaware Part 1 or The Luck of the Italians and Pocket-Size Pemberley

This week we're headed to Delaware for some good old fashioned spooky fun.  This week, we learn that murder can sometimes be a family affair, and sometimes ghosts need booze, too!  These are the stories of Anne Marie Fahey and Woodburn Hall.

Oct 2019

New Jersey Part 2 or A Real Family Man and A Buzzkill Ghost

In this week's episode, we discuss why America's Most Wanted can be a dangerous show (if you murder your whole family) and just how different sisters can be.  So have a moist look-see (don't worry, you'll get it if you listen) at this week's episode for the stories of The List Murders and The Emlen Physick Estate. 

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Oct 2019

New Jersey Part 1 or DTL is DTF and A Really Bad Misdial

This week, Nicole and Eden travel to New Jersey for some spooky fun.  The lessons we've learned this week are to always show up to your court appearance in style and to never drive backwards around a clock tower!  These are the stories of The Hall-Mills Murders and The Devil's Tower.

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