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Feb 2020

Refueling 2: Haunted Hoaxes

Welcome to another special episode. We’re taking a short break from our road trip to bring you some of the most talked about hoaxes in the paranormal community. Like what you hear and want us to do more specials like this? E-mail us and let us know!

Feb 2020

Maine Part 2 or That Sinking Feeling…On a Raft and A Metric Shit-Ton of Inns

In this week’s episode, Nicole tells the tale of a globetrotting bank robber who can’t keep it in his pants and Eden takes you on a tour of Maine’s haunted inns. So, get on that raft (but weigh the money first) and prepare to (probably) be choked to death in your sleep! These are the stories of The Mars Hill Bank Robber and Haunted Inns.

Feb 2020

Maine Part 1 or That’s a Pretty Strong Smell and Cannibal Kings

In this week’s episode, Eden and Nicole learn the smell of a corpse won’t necessarily put you off your meal and playing the same song on repeat may result in an axe to the head. These are the stories of Pearl Smith and haunted lighthouses.

Feb 2020

New Hampshire Part 2 or Heeerrrree’s Wagner and Nappy Anniversary

In this week’s episode we learn just how far one man is willing to go for $15 and we also learn how far one woman is willing to go for the man she loves (hint: the grave. It’s the grave.) These are the stories of The Smuttynose Murders and The Notchland Inn.

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