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Jul 2020

Kentucky Part 2 or Just Kidding and KFC’s Kentucky Cave Shrimp

Join us again this week for two more great stories in the state of Kentucky. First, Nicole tells us about a man who’ll kidnap you and probably ask to borrow your pumps in the process. After, Eden tells you all about how cave tour guides are sadists. These are the stories of Alice Speed Stoll and Mammoth Cave

Jul 2020

Kentucky Part 1 or Quadruple Asshat and Who Gives a Hoot About Aliens?

Saddle up that horse and come on down to Kentucky with us for this week's episode. First, Eden tells a tale of scandal, murder, and...buried treasure? Later, Nicole tells us about a whole bunch of aliens. Some are grey, some are green (sort of) and some are probably owls. These are the tales of The Murder of Bob Bosley and what seems to be a serious problem with aliens in Kentucky. 

Jul 2020

Tennessee Part 2 or Soundtrack to a Murder and The Devil’s Bathtub

This week, Nicole’s story teaches us that doing the right thing is probably never the answer when dealing with the corrupt music industry. Later, Eden talk about haunted hotel in a town that just might be a gateway to hell. Please don’t mind the sulfur smell. These are the stories of Kevin Hughes and The Thomas House Hotel. 

Jul 2020

Tennessee Part 1 or Jean-ee in a Bottle and Holy Ship, a Ghost!

This week, Eden tells a story that’s quite similar to that of Cinderella, except instead of a shoe, it’s a pair of jeans and the owner goes to jail instead of becoming a princess. All right, it’s nothing like Cinderella. Later, Nicole tells the story of a ship whose owner might to want you to drink, but definitely wants you to find true love! These are the stories of Laura Salmon and The Delta Queen. 

Jul 2020

Alabama Part 2 or Poisoner in a Poison Town and Food to Die For

We have some great stories for you this week. First, Nicole talks about a woman who probably inspired that Bell Biv DeVoe song, and Eden tells a hauntingly delicious tale of a restaurant where you come for the food, but stay for the screaming ghost lady! These are the tales of Audrey Marie Hilley and The GainesRidge Dinner Club

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