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Aug 2020

Michigan Part 2 or How Can We Sleep When Our Beds Are Burning and I’m Having Nun of This

This week we learn that although Farrah Fawcett and Mickey Rourke never dated (to our knowledge), she did play a woman whose husband was a lot like Mickey Rourke. After, we learn that although Eden may have had the leftie beaten out of him, nuns can do a lot worse! These are the tales of The Burning Bed and Holy Family Orphanage. 

Aug 2020

Michigan Part 1 or Shut Your Lying Lie Hole and A Cute Little Devil

Hey, guys! Eden here apologizing to Wisconsin. You’ll notice I say Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is attached to Minnesota. I realize now it’s Wisconsin and I’m just really bad with midwestern state locations. Sorry! Anyway, this week I tell the story of a woman with a libido that just won’t quit which also features an award ceremony you won’t want to miss. Later, Nicole explains why tiny French nature spirits aren’t to be trifled with. These are the stories of Kelly M. Cochran and the Nain Rouge! 

Aug 2020

Indiana Part 2 or Gunnin’ for Gunness and Ghost Baby Daycare

This week, Nicole tells the story of a woman in search of a few good men...presumably to murder or frame for murder. Later, Eden tells the tale of a haunted house that would be Casey Anthony’s worst nightmare. These are the tales of Belle Gunness and The Whispers Estate.

Aug 2020

Indiana Part 1 or The Worst Pool Party Ever and Ghostly Prank Calls

This week, Eden tells the story of a man who seriously needs to learn how to use a toilet and Nicole tells us about a hotel and resort with a cleaning crew who hate their job, but a bellhop who loves his job so much he works there after death! These are the stories of Herb Baumeister and The French Lick Springs Hotel. 

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