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Sep 2020

Refuel 4: Cursed Objects

It’s that time again on our long road trip where we need to stop and stretch our legs a bit, but don’t worry because we’ve still got a great episode for you this week. You might want to cuddle up with Annabelle and take a seat in the chair of death because we’re discussing cursed objects! 

Sep 2020

Minnesota Part 2 or Corey Hart: Art Thief and Zak Attack

We have some great stories for you this week! First, Nicole tells us about an incredibly fishy unsolved art heist where Eden suspects Corey Hart may have been involved, however we all know he’d never surrender that information. After, Eden tells us about a hotel with a ghost who might just be as anti-Bagans as we are! These are the stories of the Elayne Gallery Heist and The Palmer House Hotel.

Sep 2020

Minnesota Part 1 or Death of a Salesman and Creeper Winks

Make room for some lutefisk because we’re in Minnesota this week! Our first story reinforces the fact the no matter how good you are at planning the perfect crime, your big mouth will ruin everything. Later, we learn you need to mind your own damn business or you just might end up a cave ghost. These are the stories of Jason MacLennan and The Wabasha Street Caves.

Sep 2020

Wisconsin Part 2 or This Dinner is Lit and A Very Bitter Ghost

This week, we learn the only reason Carlton danced so much on Fresh Prince is because he was trying to quell a murderous rage. Later, we learn you can get around any law if you just believe hard enough. These are the stories of Mamah Borthwick and Nelson’s Hall and Bitter’s Club.

Sep 2020

Wisconsin Part 1 or Doing a Dahmer and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

This week, we learn that you can have sex with any inanimate object if you just try hard enough and that some ghosts go through a goth phase. Also, we did try to get Fabio to guest star but he was too busy making romance novel covers. These are the stories of Jeffrey Dahmer and Summerwind!

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