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Roadside Horror Show

Sep 2019

About Us

September 17, 2019

Roadside Horror Show is a brand new true crime and paranormal podcast. Take a trip with us as we tell stories guaranteed to send chills down your spine...and make you laugh at the same time! Here's a little about your hosts:



Eden Thomas  


         Eden Thomas is a writer, tarot card reader, and also has a boring old nine-to-five job, but we're not getting into that. When he isn't working...okay, let's not kid ourselves, he's pretty much always working. He enjoys reading, video games, playing with other peoples pets, and wearing more black clothing than is probably healthy. He is also a singer who enjoys karaoke when he actually has a moment to leave his house for something other than work.



Nicole. Just Nicole. No last name, like Cher or Madonna  


           When Eden asked her to be his podcast co-host, Nicole immediately said, "Yasss!" despite her busy schedule as a communications manager, writer, and cat mom. Nicole also shares Eden's love of black clothing, karaoke, and strange tales. In her free time, Nicole enjoys traveling, books, and bourbon.