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Roadside Horror Show

Dec 2019

Dark Discoveries

December 30, 2019

Pennsylvania Part 1 or Pre-murder Murder and Angry Ichabod Crane

Hawk Mountain Bird Sanctuary

Pennsylvania Part 2 or A Killer Law Firm and #BooBurr

Hex Hollow movie info

To tour the Nelson Rehmeyer house, contact to schedule a visit

The Logan Inn

New Jersey Part 2 or A Real Family Man and A Buzzkill Ghost

Emlen Physick Estate

Delaware Part 1 or The Luck of the Italians and Pocket-Size Pemberley

Woodburn Hall

Delaware Part 2 or Don't Eat Those Chocolates and My Zero Star Yelp Review

Fort Delaware State Park

Maryland Part 2 or The Dumbest Murderer Ever and A Metric S**t-Ton of Ghosts

Hager House Museum

New York Part 2 or A Tale of True Love Featuring Salma Hayek and The Amityville Nopefest

Lonely Hearts movie trailer

Connecticut Part 1 or Richard is a Dick and Doublemint Ghosts

Thomaston Opera House - Landmark Community Theatre

Sterling Opera House

REFUELING 1: Interview with E. Massey, The Pocono Witch

E. Massey's website

The Pocono Witch Shoppe

Rhode Island Part 1 or Injuries Related to Death and A Whole Lotta Williams

Gov. William Sprague Mansion

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