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Dec 2019

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December 3, 2019

Time to refuel!

Hey Roadsters! We’re Refueling this week with our very first special episode - an interview with the Pocono Witch himself E. Massey! Sorry about the audio quality - we’re still learning!

We’ll be back on the road next week with Connecticut Part 2. Till then, creep on creepin’ on!

We Still Need Your Stories!

Hey, everyone!  We're still looking incredibly forward to hearing from all of you and to tell YOUR stories!  We're going to start begging on our hands and knees in a minute.  If you have any paranormal or true crime stories that happened to you or someone you know, please send them to  Please put "Listener Story" in the subject line so we can find it easier and you'll be able to hear your story on our podcast.  Thanks in advance! 

Launching September 25


Hey, guys! Just letting everyone know that when we launch on September 25, we've decided to put out not one, but two episodes for your listening pleasure! 


Also, don't forget that we're also doing a monthly "Refueling" special where we'll read stories from you, our listeners! Please remember to send those stories in to us.  We'll focus on stories from Pennsylvania and New Jersey for our first special, but feel free to submit stories from any states for future "Refueling".  You can submit your personal true crime and paranormal stories to us at


Thanks, everyone.  Hope to hear from you soon!