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Jan 2020

Massachusetts Part 1 or How Harvard Failed and A Boring Tunnel

Hello again, everyone!  This week we're taking you to the state everyone hates to spell: Massachusetts!  Seriously, why is it so difficult?  Anyway, our true crime story for this week involves a murder/suicide at Harvard.  I literally can't think of a way to make that funny, so that's all you're getting this time around.  We'll also take a spooky trip through a tunnel filled with moist shafts!  Remember, if your shaft burns, seek medical attention.  These are the stories of Sinedu Tadesse and Trang Ho, and The Bloody Pit AKA The Hoosac Tunnel.

Dec 2019

Rhode Island Part 2 or Goodbye, Three Houses and It’s the 1920s Somewhere

Our first stop this week is in Warwick where we learn that road rage is always a bad idea, as is jumping bail when your family put up three houses.  Providence is our second stop where ghostly happenings abound in a hotel where you can in dinner and an org, but make sure to save room for dessert because there's ritualistic slaughter a-plenty waiting in the basement.  These are the stories of Adam Emery and The Biltmore Hotel.

Dec 2019

Rhode Island Part 1 or Injuries Related to Death and A Whole Lotta Williams

Join us on the road this week where we tackle several cold cases in what could be the work of a serial killer.  We also take a trip to the land of 1000 (well, 5) Williams!

These are the stories of Roseanne Robinson, Diane Drake, Hillary Hellewell, Kathy Perry, and The Governor William Sprague Mansion.

Dec 2019

Connecticut Part 2 or A Thimble-Full Should Do It and A Town Unlike Any Other (Thank God)

In this week's episode, we learn there's no wrong way to poison someone with arsenic and that once over half your town dies and/or goes insane, you should probably just cut your losses and get the hell out!  We also give you a free lesson on codpieces and corsets!  Get those road snacks ready and buckle up for the stories of The Poison Fiend: Lydia Sherman, and The Curse of Dudleytown!

Dec 2019

REFUELING 1: Interview with E. Massey, The Pocono Witch

We apologize for the poor audio quality this week and are looking into fixing it.  We recorded in a different space to make room for our guest but are looking into finding a better way of doing interviews.  Regardless, the content is still there and we are sure you guys will enjoy our first ever interview!  Special guest: E. Massey, The Pocono Witch.

Nov 2019

Connecticut Part 1 or Richard is a Dick and Doublemint Ghosts

This week, we learn that the nickname Dick is just so fitting for one man named Richard and that even ghosts love theater!

Nov 2019

New York Part 2 or A Tale of True Love Featuring Salma Hayek and The Amityville Nopefest

In this week's episode we learn that true love means never having to say you're sorry for scamming people out of their money if the lover you're scamming thinks it sounds like fun!  We also learn that if the price of a large Dutch Colonial in a good neighborhood is too good to be true, it's probably haunted as f***!  These are the stories of The Lonely Hearts Killers and The Amityville Horror House.

Nov 2019
Nov 2019

Maryland Part 2 or The Dumbest Murderer Ever and A Metric S**t-Ton of Ghosts

We're back in Maryland this week for some more spooky fun!  You won't want to miss this one.  Nicole tells us the incredible tale of a woman who doesn't know how to keep a secret even when it means jail time, and Eden spooks us all with the tale of a house where 13 people died.  Buckle up and settle in for the chilling tales of The Murder Mystery Weekend Killing and Hager House.

Oct 2019

Maryland Part 1 or This Barbecue Tastes Funny and That’s Not Apple Juice

Thank for joining us on our first two stops in Maryland.  First, we learn the importance of reading the ingredients in the food you eat, especially when said food is being sold by a murderer, and we also learn that all who live in huts are not witches.  In other words, these are the stories of Joe Metheny and Moll Dyer.